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Esri Open Data

For many years, Esri has provided access to a variety of geographic data for use with ArcGIS and other mapping applications. This includes Esri Data & Maps, which has provided ready-to-use maps and layers with data from Esri and several other government and commercial organizations.

These maps and layers are licensed for use in ArcGIS software and, in many cases where the data is developed by Esri or in the public domain, may be redistributed freely with proper attribution and metadata. This web site provides access to several of these map layers.

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World Regions

This layer represents the boundaries for the regions of the world. There are 25 commonly recognized world regions. more >

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USA Congressional Districts

This layer features the U.S. 113th Congressional Districts with information on the representative for each district. more >

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World Cities

This world cities layer presents the locations of major cities of the world. more >